Your event delivering on your expectations!

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"Companies Waste Billions of Dollars on

Ineffective Corporate Training"

- Forbes

Inlab Studio offers a fully integrated creative approach
to boost the power
of your content and increase the influence
of your events.

Because every second of attention counts.

More than ever, each event you organize, regardless of its scope or size, contributes to the outreach of your corporate brand. On the other hand, tighter budgets and timelines greatly restrict your options in creating an effective and memorable experience to your participants.

In light of this new reality, INLAB offers an integrated approach ; both strategic and creative, to help you maximize the impact of your events while keeping a tight control on the process and the outcome.

   Nimble. Fast. Highly effective.

Your event
delivering on your expectations!

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Your content
as never seen before !

Raw content is seldom palatable. Whether it is technical, scientific, financial, administrative or motivational, we can optimize it and turn it into an extraordinary experience! The first step consists in getting to the essence of what needs to be communicated ; the simple message that will positively influence the mindset and the behavior of your participants.

The next step is to create a multi-sensory experience, using cutting edge audio-visual technology such as :

• Exclusive immersive 3D projections

• Interactive and versatile formats
• Inspiring custom videos

• Innovative large-format projections
• Live or deferred video capture


Every tool, every approach, and every element will concur in making your next event a reality and larger than life!

    Relevant. Daring. Memorable.

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Your team
more eloquent than ever!

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No more events where participants fall into deep coma or are riveted to their phone's screen rather than the front stage! Training your executives, directors, and managers to become compelling and eloquent presenters will ultimately nurture their capacity to grab and sustain attention while empowering their leadership in the organization and beyond.

Several options are available to you to build an inspiring communication culture within your organization.

Individual or group executive coaching

Training, workshops, and boot camps for executive and sales teams

Turnkey audio-visual presentations with individual stage presentation skills coaching

   Dynamic. Captivating. Inspiring.


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Nabil Doss

President, Doss Communication

Gaétan Ruel

Founder, Oxyde Média

Your allies

INLAB was born from a joint venture between Gaétan Ruel, founder of Oxyde Média and Nabil Doss, president of Doss Communication, combining their expertise in the field of Event design to create a fresh approach in the form of a content incubator to unleash its full communication potential.


The INLAB methodology focuses on the core message to be communicated, the effectiveness of the content, the quality of the delivery, as well as the way the experience unfolds for participants, thus ensuring the highest possible retention rate.

Many top organizations have already benefited from our integrated approach, namely : Desjardins, BDC, Uniprix, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), Medunik Canada, and many non-profit organizations.

We work closely with all stakeholders involved in the event - executives, managers, internal communications departments, consultants and suppliers - to optimize the effectiveness of the content to be presented while strictly respecting available budgets and timelines.  Our ultimate goal is to create memorable events which empower organizations, presenters and participants alike.


Nabil Doss

Expert in Influential Communication

Founder of Doss Communications

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​Gaétan Ruel

Multimédia Expert

Founder, Oxyde Média

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Patrick Blondin
Sommelier Animateur

Known as «The French Voice of Paramount Pictures in Canada», Nabil Doss is a seasoned
speaker and an expert in Influential Communication who voiced, directed and produced hundreds of French-language television and radio commercials for Paramount Pictures in Canada since 1989. As a speaker and expert in delivery skills, he helps business executives and professional speakers unleash their true potential to communicate at a deeper level and craft and deliver a highly inspirational message to their audience.

With three decades of advertising and marketing/communications experience, a
wide range of organizations have used his consulting and production services to
enhance their message and establish a strong brand. Nabil teaches at the Quebec Leadership Institute in the Management Certificate program affiliated with the John Molson School of Business of Concordia University and delivers keynotes and workshops on Influential Communication on three continents and presents in two languages.

His keynote and workshops « The Leader's Voice : Expand your Influence. Unleash the Extraordinary! » aimed at Business Leaders, are presented in a dozen countries spanning five continents.
Over the years, Nabil has served in leadership positions in professional associations. President of the Global Speakers Federation in 2016-2017, he has also served as the 2013 National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Gaétan Ruel is a passionate and inventive multimedia artist with quite a few tricks up his creative sleeve! Combining an uncanny artistic touch with a thorough mastery of multimedia technology,  Gaétan has served number of clients in the fields of multimedia technologies and digital audio visual production since the early nineties.

On his journey, he developed innovative approaches and unique tools for presenting and broadcasting information electronically for multimedia shows and international events integrating various audio visual technologies.

Heading Oxyde Média since 1998, Gaétan now specializes in creating multimedia content for the event industry, show business, and the corporate world. Earlier in his career, he was Vice President, Production Services at IC Axon, where he contributed in growing the organization to an internationally recognized player in the field of Online Training.

Creator of events and passionate, Patrick Blondin has a developed sense for communications. His career has allowed him to animate, create and produce hundreds of events.  


Patrick has participated in several projects and television shows in Quebec. In addition to having led hundreds of tasting workshops, including some on the main stage of the Montreal en Lumière Festival, he has also taught Superior Sommellerie at the ITHQ.  He co-hosted with Louis-François Marcotte, Hakim Chajar, Jonathan Garnier, Saskia Thuot, Martin Picard, Gildor Roy, Sébastien Benoit and many others ...


Over the years, Patrick has surrounded himself with people of experience, of great professionalism. Inlab Studio was therefore a natural association!

Our services

Conception d'esquisse de bureau


We approach each event as an experience. A collaborative experience with the organizers and a memorable experience for the participants.

Depending on the nature of your educational and communication objectives, we can offer you a variety of ideas for staging, especially to bring out the highlights. An interview format ; a documentary ; a narrative film ; how about an Oscar night? Everything is possible, even on a tight budget!



Frequently, in symposia or sector meetings, team leaders are called on to present their results and projects. These sessions can often run on too long, with participants tuning out, staring at their laptops. That's why we believe your teams should have the tools, techniques and eloquence they need to make their presentations lively and effective. The same goes for sales teams who have to present convincing arguments to promote their projects and

win contracts.

In addition, the proliferation of digital platforms (teleconferences, videoconferences, intranets, social networks) requires a high level of technical savvy to know how to best promote the ideas being conveyed and represent the organization’s brand.

Coaching can be in the form of individual or group workshops, depending on the level of performance required.


Our approach works at every level of your organization ; from senior management to first-line workers. Nowadays, knowing how to communicate is no longer just an option ; it's a key element of success in the world of business and beyond!




The content to be communicated, be it scientific, technical, financial, related to governance, for motivational or training purposes, is indigestible in its raw state.


We can help you to position your content and ensure that the essential message is communicated and that presenters are able to address a wide range of topics while keeping the attention of participants and the audience fully engaged.




Any event, to meet its communication objectives, must be organized with an artistic approach to create an environment conducive to the transmission of the message.


At the same time, technical direction ensures the smooth running and compatibility of the entire effort to create space for magical moments and to avoid annoying interruptions. To contribute to the success of your event, we take care of both of these essential elements.




The multimedia approach is, without a doubt, the most spectacular way to put your content and your presenters in the limelight!


Whether through proprietary 3D projection techniques; PowerPoint presentations on multiple screens; virtual theater or immersive techniques, we have tailor-made solutions that can be rolled out quickly, in a variety of formats for specific environments.



Whether on stage to prepare the presenters before the event kicks off ; backstage for a final word of encouragement, or editing a speech or script at the last minute, we’re there at your side to ensure that everything runs seamlessly and that presenters are prepared to communicate with ease and eloquence.
In addition, the presence of a technical director to ensure all the audiovisual aspects avoids unwanted hassles and ensures a great deal of event-time flexibility.

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Because every second of attention counts.

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